Interviewing brains & beauty x Scarlett London

Interviewing brains & beauty x Scarlett London

First up, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful Scarlett for taking part and playing such an active role in something I’m extremely passionate about. 

Scarlett was the woman behind Blog Con London, an insightful event organised by herself that connected brands and influencers. Have a look at my post on this here

This blog explores my interview with Scarlett, a 24 year old London based fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger where she shares with me all things personal and lifestyle.

Scarlett’s journey has been pretty varied where she’s learned a lot of lessons along the way. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t regret anything.

 I always wanted to become a journalist, so I’ve interned at a ton of places.” 

Working for free was expensive but the experience she gained definitely made up for it as it became so valuable in the long term. Despite her no longer following that career path, Scarlett has managed to utilize these skills through her own writing as well as network with like-minded people and understand how to effectively engage with a reader.

University was the biggest challenge for Scarlett as she wasn’t initially keen on going. Although she got the grades to proceed, she still couldn’t see herself in education any longer. 

“I wanted to get out there and into the world of work.”

After taking a gap year to see how things went, Scarlett’s parents were determined for her to get a degree. Even though she’s glad she eventually went ahead with university, it became her most difficult challenge.

Like most of us, starting university means moving away from home, adapting to completely new environments, meeting new people and making new connections. In Scarlett’s case, she moved hundreds of miles away and didn’t really meet anyone she could relate to. As nights out and partying wasn’t exactly in her nature, Scarlett struggled to adapt to those around her and hardly came across anyone like herself. 

“I thought I’d have to quit many times, but I never quit at anything and so I stuck at it.”

Scarlett was able to finish university with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism, where she came to the realisation that it was totally worth going.

 But it taught me the importance of following things through, no matter how tough they get.” 

The social side of her university experience wasn’t what she hoped for but she pushed through anyway.

“I always think that the most creative bursts of inspiration are just when I’m falling asleep at night, so I always tap away in my iPhone’s notes folder if something interesting springs to mind.”

I liked this answer because it’s something I can heavily relate to. You’ll be wide awake, at an ungodly hour and that’s when your brain releases a sudden burst of action and creativity. Any ideas that come to mind I immediately jot them down in my notes page and everything escalates from there. It’s just a great way to grasp your thoughts and an even better way to set new targets.

Scarlett would always advise to take notes because sometimes when you’re writing away, it inspires another creative thought pattern. 

Some of my blog posts have been conjured up at 1am!

I then asked Scarlett what success means to her.

“This is such an interesting question, because five years ago I would have said success is when I have a walk in wardrobe in my house”

Scarlett had the mentality that an unlimited supply of materialistic assets, would give her a sense of accomplishment which would eventually breed success.

 “I figured if I could have afforded one of those, I’d have made it”

There’s still so much more she would like to achieve and success is no longer defined to her in that way. “For me, success is about financial security (for sure) but it’s also about feeling like I’ve made my mark and helping others.” 

I also liked this answer because I’m a strong believer of giving back, especially when you have the financial stability to do so. Helping others is what we should always consider from the get go.

Putting ideas into action regardless of the outcome and having the ability to create without the fear of failure holding her back are the true epitomes of success for Scarlett.

Success is also about finding a happy balance between work and life. Blogging is a lifestyle rather than a career. You are glued to your channels 24/7, documenting your life for all to see. It’s fun, but you have to strike a happy medium to support your well-being.” 

Essentially, Scarlett views success as so much more than simply career goals, but more about being in tune with yourself, being happy and feeling enabled to to do whatever you wish to. 


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