Interviewing brains & beauty x Alisha Safo

Interviewing brains & beauty x Alisha Safo

So I had to bring it home with this one, featuring my not so little cousin, Alisha. I’d first like to thank her for taking part as there’s no way I could’ve resumed this project without her piece. Growing up together to witnessing her take on such a drastic platform, I’m constantly left in awe. Alisha is one of the most vibrant people I’ve ever met and there is so much of our childhood to evoke, but that’s a story for another day.

This blog explores my interview with Alisha, a 20 year old model, music teacher and student at the London College of Fashion, studying fashion design, where she shares with me all things lifestyle and personal. 

 “I love the fact that I work with different people in different environments. Being inspired by others is something I look for and I love to inspire others”

As seen on:

  • Vogue ( London Fashion Week)
  • Asos 
  • L’Oreal colour trophy 
  • Toni & guy headmasters hair awards 
  • Salon international 
  • Couverture & the Gabstore

Alisha’s biggest challenge has essentially been balancing three different commitments at once. Being a teacher, model and the agonies of a student, the maintenance gets understandably overwhelming and engulfing but she has learned to push through every single time.

“Success to me means being happy with what you’re doing”

Waking up everyday to something you love is a winner in my eyes. Being extremely content with your achievements and where you have brought yourself is so priceless that many of us overlook. Alisha knows that if she can already love what she does now, maintaining this throughout her journey despite any impediments will be all the success she needs.

“I’d like to be remembered by how I changed people’s lives

Leaving a positive permanent mark on others through her work is exactly what Alisha has in mind for her legacy. Being a music teacher has enabled her to build strong relationships with her students, and being a model has allowed her to connect with different people from all over the world and bless them with her warm and welcoming presence.


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