Interviewing brains & beauty x Tracy Adjei

Interviewing brains & beauty x Tracy Adjei

First up, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful Tracy for taking part and playing such an active role in a platform I personally find so candid and extremely popular.

This blog explores my interview with Tracy, a 20 year old undergraduate at the university of Kent, studying sociology and has just completed her second year. As a friend of Tracy, I was ecstatic when she accepted this interview as her vibrant character couldn’t be concealed from this project.


Tracy was born in Ghana, lived in Italy and is now currently residing in South London, Croydon. She points out to me that despite her being through a lot, her faith in God has grown and kept her going.

“YouTube means a lot to me. To have a platform where I can be myself and inspire others is something I’ve always dreamt of”

Having the ability to transition from engaging in sensitive topics to making her audience laugh, Tracy views YouTube as a source to uplift and entertain others, as well as having that carefree will to make fun of herself, as well as to ultimately make somebody’s day just by documenting her life which is one of the most positive consequences of YouTube for her.

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“I love hearing from my subscribers about videos they found helpful.”

The fact that Tracy can wake up in the morning and see a message from a complete stranger expressing how much they can relate to her content is a beautiful feeling. This is essentially what makes Tracy continue doing what she does best. I personally feel that in general, hearing from your audience is one of the most heart warming things and means the most when you’ve never even met them before.ย 

“I wouldn’t say I have encountered my biggest challenge yet, what I will say however, is that I’ve had a phase where I was completely obsessed with my subscriber counts”

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The notion of the more followers/subscribers you have, the better your channel started to haunt Tracy, making her believe that if this didn’t improve, everything else would go downhill for her. It slowly became tedious, making her somewhat depressed when the changes she wanted to see weren’t happening immmedianly.

In order to overcome this, Tracy reminded herself of why she started her channel in the first place. Yes, numbers matter and they indeed give us a greater foothold to opportunities, but we must never forget our WHY and PURPOSE.

“I constantly had to remind myself the motivation behind why I started my channel, which was to help people, make them laugh and share my life experiences and journey.”

I think once we establish the purpose of our platforms and ventures and remain consistent, everything else will follow in due time.

“To be joyful everyday with what I do, to me that is to be successful”

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Tracy measures success through happiness and comfortability rather than materialism.

“Success to me is not just about having money but more about living comfortably and being happy in what I do. To be joyful everyday with what I do, to me is to be successful”

Tracy is a strong believer of the saying #SlayLifeWithASmile

This is the belief that no matter what life throws at you, you are strong regardless and sometimes, a little smile can turn your life around.


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  1. Emmanuella Frempong
    September 7, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    Wow I know Tracy from my church and I’m really proud of her actually. Great write up and picturespond. Really interesting!!

    • bernsweb
      September 7, 2017 / 9:59 pm

      Thank you, much appreciated!

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