Interviewing brains & beauty x Tobi Olutade

Interviewing brains & beauty x Tobi Olutade

First up, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful Tobi for taking part and playing such a huge role in something I’m extremely passionate about as well as exciting for all you fashionistas out there!

Tobi is a 20 year old British born Nigerian, studying Politics & International relations at the University of Kent (twins!). Outside of her academic bracket, she is a freelance content creator and blogger. This involves conceptualization, creation and management all in one, where her areas of focus are predominately fashion and lifestyle.

Tobi loves the fact that both her blogging and style mirrors the expression of herself and that people have always had the opportunity to engage with it without her even needing to speak. Not to mention the juicy collaborations and occasional free clothes, I mean, who would turn down that?

Tobi’s biggest encountered challenge so far has stemmed from criticisms and misconceptions from others.

“When you start blogging, people become more critical of you and tend to make more comments about what you wear and what you look like”.

She soon came to the realization that not everybody will find your style or how you wear something particularly intriguing and that’s okay, because it’s yours and not theirs.

Although this slowly started to bother her, Tobi understood the importance of self-love and how to go about executing it unconditionally.

Tobi had initially set herself goals for what she hopes to achieve in blogging; many of which she has already achieved, essentially being a form of success in her eyes.

“However, the ultimate form of success I’m hoping for, is to somehow have the ability to create for change and use my fashion and lifestyle blog posts for social innovation”

Although this has proved to be a difficult attempt, Tobi plans to bring this primitive idea to life in due time.

“I would like to be remembered as an amazing blogger who did the impossible and found a way to infuse fashion and lifestyle with social innovation.”

From content creations for brands, a collaboration with ASOS, fashion show and photography roles, your favourite international babe aims to work her magic in a way like no other.

OK, so what’s Fashion on Tour?!

Fashion on Tour is Tobi’s forthcoming project inspired and documented by her travels. It is a chance for readers to see fashion perspectives through other people’s desired styles rather than her own, as well as a visual diary for her audience to view it in a way that feels as if they got the chance to travel with her, ultimately seeing the same fashion that she sees.

Fashion on Tour has the purpose to highlight Tobi’s love and passion for fashion through revelations of content from the various cities she has visited. Whilst on holiday, Tobi noticed how universal fashion principles were.

“It’s the most powerful art in the world. It’s all about visuals, design, architecture, coordination and movement all together. Even before you’ve had a verbal conversation it has already revealed parts of who you are.”

Why Fashion on Tour?!

“Fashion is an expression. When you wear a piece of clothing, you’re telling people who you are, what you like and what you’re doing. Perceptions are so high to the point where if you’re dressed down a little, people will assume that you’re in a rush. Someone in a high end trench coat will immediately give you a sense of classiness.”

“This is exactly what I want to show people; how fashion is still the same no matter what country you’re in. It is the expressions that varies”

Tobi’s ultimate goal is to engage readers into understanding how fashion varies from country to country, with concepts and principles still remaining the same, which was such an interesting thing for her to witness. She picked up the idea that fashion has designed technology, art and culture all in one which never changes regardless of country, but the way it is expressed is always different.

On a trip in Finland, Tobi discovered two fashion senses: extreme vintage and extreme Gothic. Either of the two looks was heavily represented amoungst the Finnish, where Tobi had a clear insight of what was truly recognized and appreciated in their interpretations of fashion.

During her most recent trip to Russia, Tobi struggled with asking strangers to capture their styles. The language barrier didn’t help either, as the majority of Russians did not speak English, which made it hard for her to communicate with them what exactly it was she was trying to do.

She eventually managed to pull through and settle in to it as it was a good challenge to practice and test run. As people like it when you compliment their style, this began to pay off as most of them began to ask her to take pictures with them for memories, enabling her to create friendships.

Tobi noticed that women in Russia were more in tune with fashion compared to the men as everywhere she went; they had different types of looks.

“There’s just something about the way Russian women express it. Even if the styles on two girls do not match, they still somehow go together.”

In a nutshell, Fashion on Tour is an effective way to develop content creation to show readers and potential collaborative partners her abilities in creative direction. Tobi’s shoots are never planned, but rather on the go. This means that she is regularly forced to work with whatever is in the area, her surroundings and whatever she sees.

“It’s so natural, I never need to plan and this helps me adapt to the environment much better”.

She occasionally directs people’s poses in a way that compliments the clothing they are wearing. “I want readers to see what has captured these styles and why I have chosen to go ahead with certain ideas”.

Be sure to have a look at Tobi’s most recent blog post. Her Russia look book and experience to get a true vibe of the girl behind it all!

Check it out here

Be sure to anticipate and check out the release of the first series of Tobi’s project ‘Fashion on Tour’ on Wednesday 8/11/17.

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“I hope you all enjoy the looks and see what I see and appreciate them in the way that I do”.


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