22 things I learned by 22

22 things I learned by 22

So this would be my second birthday blog post special and I’m excited to share with you the 22 things I’ve learned since turning 22. In my last birthday post, I wrote aletter to my younger self, which inevitably gave me a clear insight of the extent in which I had mentally developed.

Throughout my 21st year, I increasingly discerned my purpose within a myriad of lessons, blessings, trials and tribulations, but hey, I got there in the end. We go again, aged 22!

My experiences have essentially molded me into the person I am today and in hindsight, I’ve trained myself to take heed on what will really matter in the next couple of years as opposed to what shouldn’t require my undivided attention at this moment in time.

  1. Crying DOES help
  2. Self-reflection is key
  3. Listen to your body 
  4. Say no to ingratiation
  5. Aim to impact the lives of others (especially those less fortunate) 
  6. Do not give the trust that is meant for God to others 
  7. If you can’t beat fear, do it afraid 
  8. You don’t need permission or approval 
  9. When something bad happens, do not spend your time searching for the reason 
  10. Don’t be afraid to tell someone who is in your business to mind their own (its 2018 guys)
  11. Self-reliance is key
  12. Nobody owes you anything 
  13. I have to give myself the world
  14. My aura is unmatched 
  15. If you want something, go and get it 
  16. I am not a handful
  17. Unrequited love is not the end of the world (can’t come and die because of love)
  18. I am talented beyond belief 
  19. I am my greatest gift 
  20. A bad day/season does not equate to a bad life 
  21. Fill a room with positivity no matter what life throws at you 
  22. Create, create, create 


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