Qibao, Shanghai

Qibao, Shanghai

Qibao Water Town

Somewhere in the centre of the Minhang district, with two broad waterways lined with houses and gardens, you’d find Qibao water town. Almost looks like a park, but without all the kiddy stuff and the lake where the ducks swim is large enough for boats to sail through.

It’s one of those clean getaways that make you fathom the art of nature as all you’re mostly doing is gazing in curiosity and awe. ‘Do people actually live in those houses? They look super cute though.’ Sunset was the best. You could literally see the reflection of the sun in the water

Qibao Old Street

If you turn to your left, you’d see some delicious lamb kebabs freshly made on the grill. If you turn to your right, you’d see freshly baked bread buns with a million and one choices of fillings; and if you keep walking ahead, you’d see that the strip of food stalls is practically endless.

That’s qibao Old street for you. The busiest of them all and great for taking a break when you’ve done a days worth of site seeing.

Qibao Temple

A mosaic of religious masterpieces that presents visitors with an insight of the type of religions that are practiced and how. An extremely spacious setting with tall buildings. I barely heard any noise as everybody spoke quietly amongst themselves.


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